Best Attempt Products

As products are developed they will are appear here. Please email or phone for details.

Bi-Position PV Frame

For situations where rooftop mounting is not convenient nor the best position I have designed a Bi-Position PV frame. The frame is (painted) high strength C strut that accepts standard PV module sub-framing. There are two angled positions that correspond with summer and winter `optimum` positions. It is designed to face due north on your property in the highest solar radiated zone, that is, the least shaded.

Electric Bike Conversion

I have produced a lithium (C-LiFePO4) battery carrier that extends the range of the Avanti electric wheel conversion kit. The existing kit is supplied with a 13Ahr (PbSO4) gel-cell which is too small, the wheel draws current beyond the capability of the battery. To remedy this I have added two 20Ahr batteries which have in built battery monitoring systems necessary for lithium batteries. The battery box fits within the triangular frame of the bike leaving the racks free to carry shopping/luggage. I can also supply large lockable front and rear wire cage racks.

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