For food to be come sustainable it must not have a long term affect the environment.

Non Sustainable Foods
Dairy foods are not sustainable, they require large pastures, enourmous amount of water and energy [transport, pumping, heating ...] to produce milk.
Meat production requires a vast quantity of land per kg of protien compared with vegetable (or insect protien).
World fish stocks have become depleted to a point that some species are no longer able to be fish with extinction.
Most of western agiculture is unsustainable in that it requires large amounts of fossil fuels to produce the fertilizer to re-invigorate the soil.
Genetically Modified arigculture is not sustainable as poor farmers are dependant on seed company to supply seed that requires energy to transport. It also cuts into their profits from small holdings. It is unsustainable on a social basis.
Pesticides are not sustainable as they require energy and resources to produce and kill beneficial insects and microbes as well as those that are harmfull

Sustainable Foods
Organic farming is sustainable as soil is re-invigorated naturally and is better environmentally.
Farming practices that incorparate biochar produce greater yields per area and nutrient application. Also soils hold the water better. It is oftern incorporated into Organic farming.
plants that are open pollenated means farmers can use local seeds for next years crop. Local seeds also suit local conditions better (including resistant to plocal pests and diseases).

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