Sustainability Introduction

Sustainability involves balancing three things:

They are commonly referred to as the "triple bottom line". In the past they have been represented as three intersecting cirles (like on the Olympic flag) but it is now realized that they are best represented by three concentric circles; Business being the central surrounded with the Human circle that then is surrounded by the Environment circle. If one of these factors gets too strong it consumes the other.

The concept of a global foot print of a person/entity is based on the fact that the earth has fixed resources ( plus or minus a tiny fraction into/from space) and that a person/entity needs a certain amount of the earths resouces to function.
The more wasteful the entity the larger the footprint. An American or Australian has a much larger footprint than a subsitance farmer.
The more people in the world then the smaller each of their global footprint's must be.

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